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Palmanova, foundation town, has a precise date of birth: 7th October 1593. This day was chosen by the superintendents of the Republic of Venice as it reminds an historic event of the history of Venice Republic : the anniversary of the Victory of Lepanto against the Turks on October 7th 1571. The Republic of Venice wanted to send a clear message about the function and importance of the new fortress - as a limit to Turkish invasions, not only as regards the Republic itself but for the whole of Christendom. The Venetians built here low, wide embankments needed to defend the town by the artillery in the late XVI century. Architects designed the walls in the shape of an arrow head, at the farthest point of each there was a rampart that was linked to the others by curtains. This resulted in an enneagon star at its vertexes the ramparts came out in such a way as to defend each other. The whole circuit was protected by a wide moat and the three entrances or openings to the town were made at the centre of three of the curtains.

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Rooms and apartments

We stayed at casa Delser in the second week of august. It was great to be there. A calme and nice atmosphere, spacious rooms with airconditioning and the whole area was set up with dedication. We applied for the continentel breakfast, and every morning was a new surprise and exhausting. Great. Marieclaire who runs the daily stuff, is very gentle, speaks italian, french, english and some german as well, and updates you with all the possibilities in the environment, like cities to visit (also triest, udine and all kinds of local villages) and also points you to restaurants, based on your appetite. In one word " superbe".
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Casa Delser

Casa Delser - via Annia n.57 30026 - Lugugnana di Portogruaro VE
Fondiaria Agricola Veneziana s.s. - via Bonaldo Stringher n.5 33035 Martignacco UD - P.IVA 01112360308 C.F. 80000080277
tel: +39 328 9748537